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Picture this……..your finally heading on your well earned break, towing your caravan or boat down the highway, just starting to relax, when…………….BANG!………..your trailer or van careers sideways and “somebodies” wheel flies past you headed out into the bush. WHOOPS…forgot to get the bearings checked!

Did you know that 10 out of 10 wheel bearing failures can be prevented by regular routine maintenance BEFORE you go away?

A good pre-trip service should include:

  • Inspection of wheel bearings, and either repacking or replacing.
  • Replacing of hub grease seals.
  • Check, clean, lubrication and adjustment of brakes.
  • Check and adjustment of tyres including wear and pressures.
  • Check of suspension including axles, springs and chassis.
  • Adjustment of handbrake.

So next time your thinking about taking off into this great wide land of ours, THINK BEFORE YOU DRIVE, and you will have a SAFE and UNEVENTFUL trip!

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