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Horse Float Repairs

Horse Float Repairs in Australia

Transporting your horse, which for many people is there most valuable asset, is something that needs to be a consistently safe exercise. Without due care, which can occur through irregular maintenance of a horse float, your precious horse is unfortunately put at significant risk.

Just like any other utility device, a horse float requires regular servicing and maintenance to ensure it remains in a condition fit for use. Even if you maintain your float regularly, general wear and tear occur over time that can only be remedied with a more comprehensive service.

There are numerous components that make up these floats, which there is ample opportunity for owners to miss out on the smaller details that need close attention and repair. Allow us to take the time and scour your horse float and find all of the things that are so commonly missed. We’ll then be able to repair them with no problems whatsoever.

Experienced repair services for your float

Because there isn’t a one-fits-all approach to constructing horse floats, Towfix have great experience servicing and maintaining a wide variety of floats. Whether it be a one horse or two horse float, large or small, we’ll be able to approach it in a highly knowledgeable way. 

We offer a completely convenient service, and can travel to you, wherever you are. This saves you the huge inconvenience of hooking up a potentially defective trailer and taking it to a distant location – we make it easy for you!

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Towfix have mobile horse float repair specialists to serve clients in Sydney and the Gold Coast. If you believe you need your float repaired, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can very easily answer your questions and book an appointment for you.

You can phone your local specialist on 1800 15 21 28, or you can use our easy online contact form to send your enquiry. Towfix also provide a range of other services, such as caravan repairs and maintenance, mobile caravan repairs and trailer repairs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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