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Caravan Repairs Maintenance

Experienced Caravan Maintenance

Effective maintenance is the key to prolonging the lifespan of your caravan – it is a significant investment for many, so why not make sure it lasts as long as possible? The most important interior aspects of caravans, such as the bathroom, kitchen and sleeping facilities, require regular maintenance to ensure that they always function when you need them most.

Maintenance checks are also crucial for caravans because of high wear aspects such as brakes, which can very easily result in accidents if not properly looked after. Wheel bearings on a trailer similarly suffer from wear quickly and need to be checked much more regularly than those of a car

Caravan services to keep your pride and joy going

Towfix use our expertise to repair and maintain many aspects related to caravans and always work to the highest standard possible. Our wide range of caravan services include:

  • Exterior body repairs
  • Repairs and connections to gas-related equipment
  • Electrical issues
  • Wheel maintenance
  • Brake and chassis repairs
  • Fitting items directly to the chassis
  • Battery
  • Undercarriage
  • Electric brake controllers

If you feel like your caravan is behaving in a way that is different than normal, or if you’re unsure when the last time you got a service was, we’ll be able to find any issues that your caravan might have for you.

Look to us to maintain your caravan

If you think your caravan requires a little bit of care and attention, we’d love to be the ones who provide it for you. Make sure you avoid poor quality repairs and remain safe by choosing Towfix for your caravan repairs and maintenance. We have the knowledge and equipment to ensure that your caravan is looked after in a way that allows for it to thrive.

Towfix currently serve caravan owners in Sydney and the Gold Coast, so make sure to drop us a line if you live in these areas. You can contact us by sending your enquiry through to us via our online enquiry form or by ringing us on 1800 15 21 28. Towfix also apply our expertise to mobile caravans, so make sure to get in touch today!

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