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Wrap and Go


“Wrap ‘n’ Go” is a self-fusing silicone emergency repair tape, with proven technology and research of silicone rubber to give you a simple solution to many unforeseen problems, cars, trucks, boats,caravans even around the home. 1. Seal leaky hoses, pipes, tubing, lines, & fittings

  1. Neaten up lines and extension cords in stowage
  2. Wrap tools and handles for a great non-slip grip
  3. Wrap wiring harnesses and custom split-looming
  4. Waterproof electrical connections and terminals
  5. Use it as an emergency fan belt
  6. Make emergency O-Rings
  7. Wrap hydraulic fittings and other exposed metal connections to help prevent corrosion
  8. Works even over wet, dirty surfaces
  9. Use it as a tourniquet or emergency wrap over bleeding injuries
  10. Wrap it around ANYTHING that you want secure, and it will never leave any sticky residue


Wrap ‘n’ Go

(Emergency Repair Tape) Characteristics:

– A dielectric strength of up to 400 VPM makes it an excellent insulator. (7000Volts) – Withstands pressures up to 700 PSI (49 bars). – Operating temperature range: -60° C to +200° C (continuous),-65° C to +260° C (intermittent) and the instantaneous temperatures can reach -70° C to +600° C. – 600% elongation, it can stretch and forms virtually any odd shape, and will not  rack or unravel during expansion or contraction. – Can be applied and fused to a depth of 500 meters. – Can resist Fuels, Oil, Acids, Solvents, Salt Water, and U.V. Rays.

-Comes in Red or Blue.

Application Instruction


It is impervious to fuels, oils, solvents, acid and UV Rays Suitable for auto-electrical repairs as it can insulate to 7000 Volts.It can be used on radiator hoses,fuel lines, air hoses,air conditioning  ines,exhausts and temporary fan belts repairs.

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Can be applied and fused to a depth of 500 meters.

Domestic Repairs

Can be used on dishwasher hoses,washing machine drain hoses,leaky S-bends,racked drain pipes,split vacuum cleaner hoses and creepy crawly hoses due to its flexibility. Also can be usedon tools and sports.

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Pressure Repairs

Radiator hoses, water pipes, air hoses, gas lines etc.
Application: the tape should be stretched and wrapped tightly and quickly.


Non-Pressure Repairs

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The Wrap

Commence the wrap at the repair point, and work the tape 3 to 4 centimetres either side.Wrap the tape at least 3 to 4 times for non pressure repairs and 6 to 7 times for pressure repairs, ensuring maximum stretch at all times.

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